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The expert guides at Posada de la Laguna will take you through the exciting nature of the Reserve, so that you can admire the infinite variety of species hosted by the marshes. Magical boat rides along the Iberá lake at daylight or nighttime under a peaceful starry sky, unforgettable walks, canoe rides enjoying the assorted tunes of singing birds, horse-riding through the marshes and palm groves, are some of the thrilling activities you will experience in one of the richest wetlands of our planet for its natural wealth and biodiversity.


With your feet on earth ready to join and feel the energy of this fascinating place. Activities start with a visit to the Center of Interpretation of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, which combines the objectives of the Museum of Anthropology and Natural History, exhibiting natural environments, playing videos that illustrate and orient the visitor for a better knowledge on the complexities of the ecosystem, history and local culture. Afterwards, the trekking trip continues along the trails contemplating a great variety of plant and animal species, just like the “caraya” monkeys, pampas deer, capybaras and hundreds of bird species.
The boldest ones can also enjoy nocturnal expeditions and get absorbed by the sounds of the night and amazed at the sight of foxes, raccoons, black armadillos (Tatú Negro), capybaras and nocturnal birds.

Boat safaris

The boat rides’ starting point is at the Caranday Harbor, right at the lodge’s garden, cruising along the fascinating Corriente Canal or along the Miriñay River and once immersed in the marshes it is inevitable to encounter some of Iberá’s main characters, from friendly capybaras up to savage alligators (yacarés), maned wolf, marsh deer and over 350 bird species that turn this place into one of the main Birdwatching scenarios in the world.


Canoeing is ideal for exploration and photographic safaris particularly for those admirers of aquatic or river birds such as ducks, Jacanas or storks. The wonderful sunset right in the heart of the lake’s peaceful landscape is an unforgettable experience for all of your senses.

Wagon rides

Horse drawn with local guide along the streets of Colonia Pellgrini, its surroundings and palm groves where you can catch sight of animals and birds different from the ones hosted by the lake.


Horseback riding is a different choice to become acquainted with the marshlands and palm groves in close proximity to the Iberá Lake.

Special programs for Birdwatchers

As Birdwatching has been gaining increasing importance worldwide, Posada de la Laguna has become the preferred lodge for birdwatching lovers in Argentina, both for its privileged location within the Iberá National Reserve and for its experience organizing exceptional birdwatching activities. Its native guides take tourists along magical circuits within the Reserve allowing them to spot over 350 bird species inhabiting this ecosystem, rare beauties such as the Javirú, the Yetapa de Collar and the Yellow Cardinal.

In harmony with nature, Posada de la Laguna also hosts many bird species. Relaxing from a Paraguayan hammock, you can see them walking along the garden, sitting on a branch or wandering about the galleries. Prepare your binoculars… adventure starts right outside your room!